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Just like you,
I was an info-junkie guy

who spent thousands of dollars but hadn’t made a single penny

Hi, my name is Robby. And a few years ago, I was just like you.

I remember being afraid to look at my bank account because I spent thousands of dollars on books and courses out of desperation.

I was confused and angry, I got a lump in my stomach as I hung up the phone and realized that I now had to explain to my family that I’d spent over $15,000 on business information and hadn’t even made a single dollar yet.

The Problem I had was Not Information,

The Problem was I had Zero CONTEXT.

Years of frustration later, after almost giving up.

I was so desperate that I had nothing to lose anymore. And that’s when I decided I HAD to make a change.

I invested over $20,000 (with a bank loan) in a proper mentor to help me build my online business.

The first thing he did was tell me his entire story, explaining to me how he started, what principles he learned, and how he learned them.

I finally understood what was missing

After applying the principle of CONTEXT, my results EXPLODED

I started coaching people for over $2,000 per client, traveling the world, and finally changing people’s lives while living the life I always dreamed of!

Once I realized this epiphany I started getting results for WHATEVER area of life I wanted INSANELY FAST and EFFICIENTLY!

And if I can do it, anybody can. Countless people have learned these same principles from me and actually applied them in their lives. They told me they could relate to my story and see how it fits in theirs!

You see, we are all CONNECTED. And MY story is YOUR story...

That’s Why I Wrote this Book

I spent endless hours and painful moments writing my book called:

"Evolution of a Maniac"

Unbelievable Stories of Success and Failure


Because there are people out there striving tremendously hard but not getting the results they deserve.

I wrote this book to help them. I want to make things easier for them.

I wrote this book to help YOU.

If I can just convey all my experiences, what worked and what didn’t, it will dramatically change their lives.

Inside this book, here are the secrets you’ll discover:

Plus extra BONUSES

Get the Digital Copy of my Book

"Evolution of a Maniac"

No hidden costs, upsells or anything like that. Straight value for only $4.99

In fact, I can give this Ebook for free but let me ask you, how much free information have you received and not even read or consumed it?

Probably a lot! I want you to invest for just a fraction of what you’ll reap from this book.

So Get the Digital Copy of Evolution of a Maniac Now

No hidden costs, upsells or anything like that. Straight value for only $4.99

What people are saying about

My Book “Evolution of a Maniac”

100% Money Back Guarantee

If Evolution of a Maniac doesn’t help me DRASTICALLY lower my ad spend, show me step-by-step how to find the PASSIONATE AUDIENCES, or help me pour in new sales and leads that were right under my nose I understand that I get a COMPLETE refund - No Questions Asked.

Let me show you EVERYTHING you'll learn when you get a Digital Copy of this Book

Get the Digital Copy of "Evolution of a Maniac" straight to your Kindle account now for only $4.99

To Inner Peace & Outer Success,
Robby Frank

P.S. – Every minute you wait to get “Evolution of a Maniac” is another minute you’ll be moving 10X slower than your true potential.


Because when you implement the right mindset and step by step blueprint you can move 10X faster.

Most people think they’re moving fast, but only relative to the slow majority. Be like a Ferrari, not like a Fiat Punto.

If your business isn’t moving 10 steps forward every day, you’re a Punto, not a Ferrari. Simple as that. So get on with it!


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